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Pet Day Care
Welcome to Care-A-Lot Pet Resorts®!
Care-A-Lot Pet Resorts® is a state-of-the-art facility that provides alternative boarding for dogs, cats, small animals and exotics, develops positive behavior and encourages pet wellness. Our environment, which includes separate indoor and outdoor space, stimulates and provides your pet with much needed exercise and socialization. Our alternative boarding program allows dogs to roam and socialize in a supervised pack that suits their needs throughout the day. After socializing and playing in a pack, they either go home rested with their owner or spend a relaxing night in one of our comfortable lodges.
About Care-A-Lot Pet Resorts ®
We work with our clients to ensure the best possible health care for their pets. All pets must be spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated and in good health.   A pet evaluation is required before being able to attend daycare or boarding at Care-A-Lot Pet Resorts®.
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Piper is not your typical service dog. He goes to work at 4 a.m. with his owner, Brian Edwards at Traverse City Capital Airport in Michigan. Piper manages the wildlife and is responsible for making sure that the birds are clear from the runways. His job allows the arriving and departing flights to land and take off safely and saves countless bird lives.