Stephanie S.

Growing up in a family of animal lovers, I’ve always had at least four pets throughout my entire life. From small animals like hamsters and guinea pigs to oversized babies like Great Danes, my experience with different species of pets is vast. Now I own a boxer mix and a dachshund mix who grew up with their two kitty sisters. Most days it’s a peaceful home. Other days, the cats have to lay down the law, only proving my theory that my cats are the queens of our “jungle.”

I’ve been working for Care-A-Lot Pet Supply for three years now and each year has been a learning experience and a step toward my dream of becoming a certified animal behaviorist. The best part of my day consists of receiving daily hugs from Duke the springer spaniel and the overdramatic welcoming I get from Roxy the Jack Russell each time I return from lunch break. When I’m not surrounded by my four-legged friends, I’m usually exploring new trails throughout the state of Virginia or trying to make par on the local disk golf courses.