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Pet Day Care
Day Care
Dogs in the gym at Care-A-Lot Pet Resorts

      Care-A-Lot Pet Resorts® includes over 12,500 square feet of indoor and outdoor space for our guests. They are able to play throughout the day in a home-like setting. Your dog will be free to socialize with other dogs while being properly supervised by our Camp Counselors in a cage-free environment. Our boarding guests remain outside of their kennels up to 10 hours a day. Any needed behavior modification is based on positive reinforcement and physical praise.

      With such a full day in store for your dog and in order to maintain a cage-free environment, we understand the need for some quiet time. Naptime is from 1:00 to 2:00 every day. The dogs are provided with comfortable bedding, the lights are dimmed, the door is locked and no visitors are allowed.

      Our camp counselors are on hand to supervise while they rest in our indoor gymnasium. Dogs are neither admitted nor removed during naptime as disruptions can cause irritability, restlessness and discontentment amongst the entire group.