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Piper the Airport K9
Piper the airport k9

Piper is not your typical service dog. He goes to work at 4 a.m. with his owner, Brian Edwards at Traverse City Capital Airport in Michigan. Piper manages the wildlife and is responsible for making sure that the birds are clear from the runways. His job allows the arriving and departing flights to land and take off safely and saves countless bird lives.

"When you hear working dog you think police, military, but a dog running around with planes and helicopters is pretty unique, - but he isn't the only one." said Edwards. Once Edwards heard of other airports using dogs for this, he knew Piper would be perfect for the job. The Airport Director loved the idea when it presented to him, and is very happy to have Piper on staff.

Piper has been with his owner since he was 2 years old. Although Edwards wasn't a "dog person" when he was growing up, working with Piper and having him as a member of the family has since changed his perspective. "He lives with me, he works with me. We do everything together as much as we possibly can. There's no greater satisfaction for me. It's so rewarding and fulfilling to watch him go out and patrol and see him do what does. I get to work with my best friend every day, how cool is that!?"